Thought for the Week 09/16/12

When’s Recess


In the school of Life there are times when the lessons are coming so fast and furious we may want to cry out “When’s recess?”  “When do I get a break?”  Whether it’s a “time-out” because we’re feeling overloaded, or whether we just want some playtime, wise ones among us know the value of balance and renewal.  We can take a lesson from the children as we observe a great deal of their “playtime” is actually their way of discovery, learning and growing.  Make best use of your time this week and allow yourself the freedom to rest and play.  Life doesn’t have to be “hard” and if it is then just choose to “lighten up”.


Speak Your Truth

Thought for the Week 7/29/12

Awareness of knowing “Truth” for ourselves is the first step in honoring It in our lives.  “Truth” from a spiritual standpoint is seeing, accepting and knowing God as omnipresence.  Honoring God in and as all – including each and every one of us – is not always easy.  Judging by appearances can be limiting and deceiving.  Seeing through to Truth we behold only Love, Wholeness, Beauty, Peace and all the other attributes of the God presence.  Speaking words of Truth invoke and invite the Holy Spirit to respond and caress us with Her tenderness and grace.  Make a point this week of disciplining your mind and words to think, see and speak your Truth as only you can! And then live in joyous expectation of accepting more of all that is Good in your life.  And so it is!

Practice Makes the Master

Thought for the Week  05/27/12

We are all teachers and students.  We teach what we live.  We learn, consciously and unconsciously by what we practice.  By becoming awake and aware to the truth or falsehood of our beliefs, we grow in mastery of the self.  Learn and practice the 5 Agreements:  Be impeccable with your word; Don’t take anything personally; Don’t make assumptions; Always do your best; and Be skeptical, but learn to listen.  Let go of false, limiting beliefs and love yourself just the way you are – just as God loves you always.  Learn only Love so that you teach only Love.  It takes practicing, practicing, practicing by doing and being only Love in action.  And so it is.  Namaste.

Sacred Service – Seva

Thought for the Week 05/20/12

When we let go of seeing and living in the world from a small ego-based self-centered existence, we are open to living from the Wholeness of Life.  From this “enlarged territory” we acknowledge and see God everywhere present – in all that is around us and in all of our own moment by moment functions and activities.  Seva – selfless sacred service to God humbles the ego and allows us to be a blessing right where we are no matter “small” the task at hand may seem.  From taking a bite of nourishing food to washing a dish, driving our car, paying a bill, wiping a child’s nose or laying our head on the pillow at bedtime – be fully present to the loving Presence breathing our breath and beating our hearts.  Consciously serve All this week and watch how the Sacred responds, showering us with more and more blessings beyond measure.  Have a Joy filled week!  Namaste.

Sole Authority

Thought for the Week  05/06/12


Life is to be lived from the inside out.  Just as the seed contains all the elements that will ultimately blossom as a mighty oak or delicate flower, each of us come fully equipped as infinite Divine energy in expression.  And just as the environment affects that tiny seed’s outcome, we too require certain elements in order to blossom to fullest extent.  Let us take direction and be fed from the sole authority of Spirit within.  Let us live from a conscious heart that knows we are the ocean in a drop.  That is most easily accomplished by setting out intention on bringing our attention to loving this divine Presence that breathes our breath and beats our hearts.  With a joyous, grateful and humble heart, nourish your Self this coming week and gloriously bloom right where you are.  And so it is!

Transcending Limiting Beliefs

Thought for the Week 04/22/12

The only power and presence in the universe and in my life is God the Good.  I choose this day to see and know this infinite, unlimited Good at a deeper and more profound level than I have ever previously experienced.  I do this by releasing the shackles of any and all limiting beliefs that have held me back from living as infinite power and potential.  I release and I let go all the untruths about myself and others.  We are all here at God’s delight to rediscover, release and rejoice in living in the abundant and opulent Kingdom – here and now.  What a glorious time to be alive!  What a glorious time to do the will of God!  What a glorious time to simply be.  And so it is.    Rev. Gay

Be of Good Cheer

Thought for the Week  04/15/12


“Transcendence – To go beyond a limit or a range i.e. thought or belief; Surpass something as in quality or achievement; Be independent of the world – exist above material world.”  The master teacher Christ Jesus demonstrated transcendence and told us if we followed his word we too would rise above worldly limitations.  To do this we must shed the weights of sin and fear leaving us “light” in spirit and consciousness.  “Be of good cheer” reminds us to accept our oneness with and as unconditional Love – bringing about Joy, Harmony and glorious Peace.  “This is the day the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad in it!”  Life is good and very good.  Let’s know it, expect it, – becoming as little children to enter into the kingdom here and now – and gleefully play to our hearts content.  And so it is!   Rev. Gay

Be Raised Up

Thought for the Week 04/08/12


The eternality of Life is truly the Easter message.  When we accept that God’s Love is given to us unconditionally into our hearts, we are saved from separation and joyously enter into the kingdom of heaven.  We are raised above worldly limitation and transcend with delight to abide in eternal paradise.  The invitation is given to all, only those with ears to hear and eyes to see will answer the call.  Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid, for it is the Father’s good pleasure that we all unite as one in perfect harmony, unfolding with and as eternal bliss throughout time and space.  Come with me.  Spirit is calling us all together. So rejoice and be glad.  Shout alleluia now and forever more.  And so it is.  Rev. Gay

In The Garden

Thought for the Week  04/1/12

Palm Sunday in the Christian tradition is marked by the celebration of Jesus, being revered as the King of the Jews, entering into Jerusalem with shouts of Hosanna.  Jesus knew in his heart the events that would soon follow as He came to fulfill the prophecy of the scriptures.  To prepare himself for the trials that were to follow, he went apart into the garden to commune with the Father – a practice He had followed throughout His ministry.  He told us we were blessed if we knew his teachings – but more blessed if we DO them.  Go to the garden this week.  Take yourself apart from the crowds that may surround you with clamoring and commune with the Father within.  This will give you sustenance and prepare you for any trials that may await you.  “I and the Father are one – of myself I can do nothing for it is the Father within that doeth the work” is one of the most effective prayers you can speak and believe.  This will give you strength to bear any cross and transcendence will be your gift.  And so it is.  Rev. Gay

Strike a New Note

Thought for the Week (03/25/12)

Spring has sprung and God has once again provided a new beginning full of delights for our partaking and participation.  Even though the coming and going of the seasons is consistent, each one brings its own fresh and unique appeal enticing us to sing our own song, play our own melody, or conduct the symphony of our lives with joyful abandon.  Set your intention this coming week to strike a new note in some glorious way through your life activities and relations.  Put your trust and faith in the Power within and around you, so your Father may be glorified and you may unfold and blossom with harmony and sweet songs, bringing a new heaven and a new earth into being.  And so it is!

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